Abandoning the Instinct to be a Super Rep

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  • Author: Dan Watkins
  • Level: Beginner
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  • Video time: 40 min
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    Course overview
    People see their job as getting it done the best they can, and promotion, credibility, budget increase, will happen. Only later do they find someone else got the resources, promotion, and internal credibility. Often this other person did not come close to outperforming, quantifiably, as well as you did.
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    Meet the instructor

    Dan Watkins

    Dan's career began in the Qualtrics basement when he joined Ryan Smith, CEO, and the founding team as employee #15. Building the first corporate sales team, growing the company across the globe, and creating a business model that values and invests in employee career progression brought him some of the greatest joy he's ever experienced.

    Dan was at Forethought for just over a year where he grew revenue 20x and grew the team from 17 to 120 fantastic human beings.

    Now Dan spends his time as Chairman of the Board with DataBased and advising the top CEOs in tech as he builds their business from Series B and beyond. Dan feels he can do more though. And he wants to teach 1 million sales professionals on how they can be as successful as him and more.
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