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"My career in sales truly launched in the Qualtrics basement when I joined the founding team as employee #15. Building the first corporate sales team, growing the company across the globe and creating a business model that values and invests in employee career progression brought some of the greatest joy I’ve ever experienced.

Creating world-class sales leaders and the greateast minds in tech inspires me to do more. I am deeply invested in building learning environments focused on three core elements:

  • Train and develop future C-Suite leaders
  • Buld confidence from start to end
  • Encourage my learners to dig deep

This is my promise to you. You work hard and I will work hard with you to build a career you want with boundless opportunities."
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Dan Watkins

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How to Win at Sales and Life

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Dan Watkins

Have you asked yourself?

Common question #1

"How can I move my career forward?"

Over the last two decades, I've spoken to hundreds of sales execs, leaders, AEs, and SDRs. No matter what level a sales professional is at, most struggle figuring out how to be promoted.
Common question #2

"What must I do to be more recruitable?"

Even when people are promoted within their company, they're often frustrated with how to be seen as valuable outside their company. This is a big challenge to overcome as this unlocks your higher salary growth potential.
With 20+ years as a sales executive, coach, mentor, and consultant, I've crafted industry leaders who now work at Amazon, Qualtrics,  Southwest Airlines, and more. I've heard so many sales professionals face the same challenges- DataBased and myself are here to fix this. We truly care about bettering the world of Sales, now more so than ever. We are here for you and the industry.

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See how the man who helped grow a Qualtrics to become the $8B company started his sales career.
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