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We help sales professionals increase their value while attracting more job opportunities.

Grow with us.

We're more than your everyday content creators. We care about you taking our courses, but we care more about you walking away from our courses with new abilities and confidence in applying what you gained.

Career Planning

Whether you're an AE wanting to be a leader or a leader wanting to be an executive, we'll show you the way to get there and cut down the time it takes to meet your destination.

Growth vs Learning

The internet offers a lot of learning opportunities, but how many are actually growth opportunities? Few. DataBased is where you get both opportunities in one.

To Stay or Go

Whether you want to boost your career at the company you're at or be a sought after sales rep by recruiters, our insights from hundreds of sales executives and managers will light the way.

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Sales leadership and Coaching




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Aim high, see big, judge widely

Grow into what you want to be | Grow into what you will become

Many sales professionals struggle to become more recruitable outside their company and be seen as more valuable inside their company. This hinders career growth and pay opportunities.

DataBased helps professionals increase their value while attracting more job opportunities via our Recruit side of our company. 
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Aim high, see big, judge widely

Ultimate Leaders

The sales industry is saturated with free YouTube videos, pricey learning programs, and thousands of "experts" in sales teaching sales techniques in different ways.

What if the person enhancing your abilities was the #15 employee at Qualtrics and made it a sales powerhouse? Not to mention being on the 40 Under 40 list? We bring you true experts and good growth methodology. All you need to do is be an active participant.

Navigate the Political Landscape

Many people much like you excel at work, expect rewards, but see others who underperform by comparison get the promotion, resources, or internal credibility. What should you do?

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